Sun 'n Shield Technologies

Sun n Shield 84 Tech is a broadband infrastructure solutions company, we source and distribute quality passive fibre optic products, provide solutions to tier 1 to tier 4 companies.

Sun n Shield 84 is establishing a local optical fibre cables manufacturing plant to contribute to infrastructural broadband development in South Africa and Africa.

Our Services

Sun and Shield specializes in various fields in the telecommunications industry and provides tailor made solutions to our clients. Our business is very well defined and segmented with our business partners to provide a focused quality solution and services to our clients.

Our Products

Sun and Shield Technologies can provide custom made solutions to our clients .The products we offer caters for the various layers for the OSP passive infrastructure:

Our Catalogue

Central Office / Headend

Fibre Optic Cable Management—Overhead Trunking

Optical Distribution Frames

Fibre Distribution Panels for Traditional Data Racks

Pre-Terminated Cables

Attenuators, Splitters

Optical Multiplexers

Patch Cables, Pigtails

Distribution Node

Street Cabinets / Pedestals

Modular Fibre Distribution Hub for existing Cabinets

Fibre optic Splitters for Rack mounting

Raw splitters for Splice Closures

Pre-Terminated Micro Splitter Modules

Terminated Fibre Tails

External Grade Patch Cabling

Multi-Dwelling Units

Wall mounted Distribution Hub

Splice / Patch / Split distribution box

Multi fibre / Multi Service Subscriber boxes

Internal / External Bend insensitive fibre cabling

Splitters / Pre-Terminated and Raw for PON distribution

Field Termination components

Patches Cables, Pigtails

Single Dwelling Units

Pole Mounted Drop Enclosures

Universal FTTH OSP drop Cable

Customer Demarcation Unit—Micro closure

Customer Cable Management components

Subscriber Outlet Wall boxes

Bend insensitive Subscriber cables

FTTx Infrastructure cabling

Direct Bury Cable

Micro Blown Cable

Extraction Cable

Splice Closures

Pole Mounted Distribution Accessories

Fibre to the Antenna

IP Rated Fibre Connectors

Antenna Optical Distribution Boxes

Antenna Feeder Cable

Fibre Distribution Hub